Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Day in Morocco

I have decided that it would be easier keeping everyone up to date with my life in Morocco by starting a blog, which will allow those who are interested in reading about what I am up to to do so. I will do my best to update my blog as much as possible about my life, adventures, and culture shocks I encounter. I hope you enjoy reading about what life in Morocco is like.

This adventure occurred after being offered a job as a Special Education teacher at an international school in Casablanca, Morocco for two years. After months of filling out paperwork, cramming my life into three 50 lb suitcases and two extra heavy carry on bags, and 27.5 hrs of traveling I am finally here! I arrived Sunday morning with about 10 of my new co-workers, where the administration picked us up from the airport and dropped us off at our apartments. I spent the next few hours soaking in my new life and unpacking. My apartment is large with 2 bedrooms a large kitchen with a propane tank stove, where I have to light a match for my stove to work. There is a large living room with a dining area. I was told my apartment has 2 bathrooms, but after entering the “1st bathroom” I realized that they consider a room with a “squat pot” a bathroom, thankfully the second one has a regular toilet and a tub/shower. There are also two large balconies on each side of the house, which is really appreciated at night when the temperature cools down. It is located in the middle of town on a nice side street. I am on the 6th floor with restaurant at the main floor called the Hippopotamus restaurant.

After touring my new home I started unpacking. I did not realize how much stuff I was able to pack until I realized that I filled 2 dressers and 2 large closets with clothes (one section devoted to shoes ☺) Thank goodness I have two bedrooms to fill up with clothes or I would not know what to do.

Later that afternoon the bus called “the blue bird” came to pick me and the other teachers up to go to the school and start our week of orientation. Arriving at the school we were met by the guards who guard the entrance of the school to make sure that there are no unwanted visitors. After going past security and thru the gates we were met by the administration once again. We were given a tour of this beautiful school. I was able to see my office, which I cannot wait to get setup.

After our quick tour, which left me lost and turned around we all went to the Director’s house for drinks and dinner. Upon arriving to this large beautiful Moroccan style house we were served a traditional Moroccan barbecue consisting of beef, chicken and vegetable kabobs along with roasted potatoes and a traditional vegetable stew type thing. It was all very delicious seasoned with spices I have never tasted before. We finished off the night with the traditional Moroccan mint tea.

Finishing the night there we were driven back to our apartments where I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. Overall a great first day in this world that is unlike any place I have seen.


  1. Pictures of my apt. will be posted as soon as I decorate it.

  2. So awesome, Ashley!! Now I want to visit more than ever! I'm so glad you're getting to pursue your dream, and thanks for sharing your experiences in a blog :).

  3. How exciting! I think it's an awesome adventure, and I'm really eager to read about your experience - I'm a little jealous, too. Post pictures soon!

  4. I agree! Pictures pictures pictures! =D
    Cant wait to read more blogs in the future girlie! Will you be able to come home for holidays?