Sunday, September 5, 2010

First Week of School

Wow! The days have been going by so fast. I can’t believe that I have been here for three weeks now; it seems so much longer than that.  I have been busy getting situated as the new Special Education teacher, as well as redefining the department and developing a program for all of the students who are talented and gifted.            
Monday was the first day of school, and the halls were bustling with 555 students in preschool to 12th grade from all nationalities. Walking down the hall I hear accents from North America, Morocco, and parts of Europe and Asia. Going into a classroom I am blown away by the 100% participation that occurs during class discussion, and how every student is excited to learn. It is so different from many classrooms in the States where it is like pulling teeth to get students to participate.
The majority of the students come from very wealthy families, and as mentioned come from all over the world. For instance, one of the high school students happens to be the Prince of Saudi Arabia. He lives here during the school year with the Queen of Saudi, and will one day be the King of his country.
Overall, I am really enjoying my new job.  I could not ask for a better situation right now. The people I work with are amazing and fun to be with. However, even though things are going great, as any new situation there are always setbacks. Such as lack of materials, which makes me have to be really inventive when needing to make sensory objects for some of my students.

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