Sunday, September 5, 2010

My New Home

It has been three full weeks since I have landed here, and I have now started to settle in. I am still trying to get my apartment to be more of a home, as you will see in pictures below there is not much to it.

 My street
Mustapha Menfelouti

The Entrance to my apartment building

Entrance to my apartment

My dining area

Living room
Notice the bare light bulb sticking out of the wall. Apparently they don't cover light bulbs here, they leave it for the tenant to choose their covering and cover the light bulbs themselves. They hang from the ceiling uncovered as well.

 Front balcony

And then my view 


1st Bathroom

2nd Bathroom (it is called a squat pot)

 My bedroom 

 Guest bedroom

Back balcony where the laundry dries 

View from the back balcony

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  1. It looks amazing! Does it feel like vacation even though you're working? School starts for me tomorrow, and Morroco sounds a whole lot better than here right now.